Your seat - modified for your needs

  • handmade
  • quality materials
  • individual design

We customize your seat according to your wishes. Standard, racing or touring seat, in one or two parts, we do upholstering and padding, and we'll produce your seat from high-quality materials particularly suited for motorcycles.

The configuration tool in our online shop

The configuration tool in our online shop guides you step by step through all options and always shows you changes in peg length and price with each modification. Book now, send us your seat and within 10-15 business days we will send you back your modified seat. And, as usual, with SW-MOTECH you get the best quality at a fair price.


Online seat configurator

Please select the appropriate shapes, materials and the individual design of your seat using our online configurator. You can choose from 15 types of tough synthetic leather covers and 9 diff erent colored threads. You can also choose from different types of stitching and upholsteries. Then send us your modification order.


Shipping motorcycle seat

As soon as we receive your order, we will send you a shipping box containing packaging material and a prepaid returns form *. When you receive the box, put your seat in it, stick the returns form on the front and take it to your nearest DHL store. We will cover the shipping costs. Please keep the posting receipt.

* Only for orders with delivery address to Germany, Austria and France.


Motorcycle seat structure

This is when the work really starts in our seat factory. We build your seat based on your specifications and from the finest materials, that have been specially selected for use on motorcycles. This takes between ten to fifteen business days.


customized seat

As soon as we have finished modifying your seat, we will package it and send it on its way. A few days later you can install your customized seat on your bike and take it for its first ride.

Have it your way

Your seat, your creation: At our manufactory in Rauschenberg/Hessen, we produce seats you won't find anywhere else.

We offer you a choice between three styles, 15 robust synthetic leather surfaces, 9 yarns in various colors and several other options. Our covers are handmade and we only employ carefully selected materials.

three styles

15 robust synthetic leather surfaces

9 yarns in various colors

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